Why J&K Consultants?

J&K works with employers to reduce the cost of health care benefits through proven strategies selected to best align with your business goals.

  •  Our experienced consultants are experts at delivering exceptional results - cost savings for employers while maintaining or improving health benefits for employees.
  •  No pre-packaged solutions. At J&K, our highest value is expertise. By reviewing your unique situation, and working in concert with your CEO, CFO, Human Resource Executives, Legal Counsel, and Health & Welfare Consultants, we develop the best approach for your business or organization.
  •  A 100% turnkey approach. J&K makes it easy. We provide all communications material to employees, informational PowerPoint presentations, and handle enrollment meetings with J&K staff.

To learn more, call J&K today at 877-872-4232, or use our easy-to-complete contact form.

Customized Risk Management Strategies

While our services include specific programs, including the MERP, CRx Drug Program, and Dialysis MERP, the value J&K brings to your business or organization comes not from specific tools, but from decades of experience in evaluating health care plans and reviewing benefits claims experience.

J&K is successful because of our people and our unique team approach to doing what is right for your organization and its employees

At J&K Consultants, we listen to your needs, closely examine the effectiveness of your current health care benefits plan, and leverage our decades of experience in order to provide the best risk management approach for you.

We are so certain of the effectiveness of our approach, that we base J&K compensation on the level of cost-savings achieved.

For small to large corporations, government agencies, and municipalities, the best first step in controlling the cost of health care benefits is to contact J&K. Our service representatives are waiting to help.


At J&K, we have a range of referrals and testimonials that are available upon request, via a special login. Contact us for a temporary login and password, then click the button below.