Health Care Benefits Strategy

At J&K, we begin our engagement with your company or organization with a review of your existing employee health care plan.

We work with your team, including your legal consultant, tax, and accounting advisors to develop one or more strategies utilizing the proprietary risk management techniques unique to J&K. Our recommendations may include:

  • Ways to eliminate health care overcharges
  • Reduce inappropriately utilized services
  • Effectively utilize cost shifting techniques designed by J&K
  • Introduce cost savings through a CRx Drug Program
  • Prevent dialysis overcharges by implementing the J&K Dialysis MERP
  • Offer a utilization management program, including an opt-out cafeteria plan.

Our goal is to maximize your employee's health care benefit program and save your organization significant expense. In fact, at J&K, our compensation is based on the savings that accrue to the employer through the development and implementation of recommended benefits strategies.

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Health Care Benefits Implementation

After the development of a customized strategy to save your organization significant health care costs, J&K works closely with you to implement each phase and nuance of the strategy to ensure a successful outcome.

  • Custom design of medical plans meeting your business goals and beliefs
  • J&K handles communications and information flow, to the employees, insurance companies, and business leadership
  • We prepare necessary legal documentation, and keep your organization apprised of changing legal requirements
  • J&K prepares communication and enrollment materials for the employer's review for distribution to participants
  • Through customized risk management consulting and implementation, we will substantially reduce your healthcare costs while maintaining or improving employee benefits.

Interested in learning more? Contact J&K today to arrange for a consultation with our senior staff. We're ready to improve both your health care offerings and your bottom line.


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