Reducing Health Care Costs 5 to 15% and more...

Whether your organization runs a fully insured or self funded employee health benefits program, J&K can save you money.

  • By aligning J&K's proprietary techniques with your business goals, our programs provide cost savings while maintaining or improving employee benefits.
  • It's not magic. At J&K we've assembled one of the most experienced risk management teams in the country, experts in navigating the complexity of today's health care environment.

"In order to achieve significant cost savings in health benefits management, you have to be part mathematician, part accountant, and part attorney. J&K is successful because of its people and our unique approach to doing what is right for your organization and its employees."

-- Kevin O'Kane, President of J&K Consultants

Services and Programs

J&K employs several key services in developing a customized solution for your business, agency, or municipality. These include but are not necessarily limited to:

Of critical importance is our approach to your unique situation. At J&K, we can address specific areas while leaving the balance of your health benefits plan untouched, or we can provide turnkey services in designing and implementing a new plan.

Ultimately, the most successful program or service you can choose is simply to contact J&K's senior risk management consultants. We'll evaluate, guide, and make recommendations second-to-none and guaranteed to save your organization significantly in the face of rising health care costs.

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