Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP)

Historically, health care costs have risen at a rate in excess both of the consumer price index and gross domestic product.

At J&K Consultants, our mission is to work with medium to large businesses, municipalities, and government agencies to reduce the cost of employee health care benefits through proven strategies selected to best align with your business goals.


Even when reimbursing the employee for additional premium contributions and all out-of-pocket expenses, this voluntary program can save 5% to 10%.

MERP With Carve Out

Our review provides the foundation for designing a customized program aimed at reducing the employer's healthcare costs while maintaining or improving health benefits for your employees. This program may save an employer 5% to 15% on overall medical plan expenses.

Protections are put in place to ensure that there is no reduction in overall health plan benefits for your employee and their family under this program.

Questions and Concerns

Cost saving strategies based on MERPs often bring a variety of questions and concerns. For your information, we've prepared a MERP FAQ page answering questions of concern to both employees and employers.

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