Dialysis Medical Expense Reimbursement Program

At J&K, we work with employers to reduce the cost of health care benefits through proven strategies selected to best align with your business goals.

Our Dialysis MERP is one tool used to curtail over charging on the part of dialysis providers.

  • The program starts by amending the employer's health care plan to pay for dialysis services at 150% of Medicare Allowable Charges
  • The Dialysis MERP is established to reimburse employees for all balance billed charges above the 150% Medicare Allowable Charges for three months only
  •  In the fourth month, the dialysis patient becomes an eligible Medicare Beneficiary on a secondary basis

Once the employee is an eligible Medicare Beneficiary, the dialysis provider cannot balance bill the patient.

Reductions in employer health plan costs are dependent upon the number of covered individuals requiring dialysis; however, the expense to the plan is limited in any case.

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