CRx Drug Program

The CRx Drug Program is a cost saving prescription medication program. Employees electively enroll in the program on an individual basis.

  • This program is available for maintenance drugs provided in 90 day supplies. These are Tier 1 brand maintenance medications available at costs approximating 50% of current US costs for the same drugs.
  • Cost savings are realized as same pharmaceutical manufacturers supplying US pharmacies often provide medications to countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia at far lower prices.

As pharmaceutical standards in these countries meet or exceed any and all US requirements, a cost-saving, direct-to-consumer prescription fulfillment program can be established to benefit both employers and employees.

Medications are conveniently mailed directly to the employee, with 0% co-pay.

With J&K your organization's estimated employer prescription drug costs savings under the CRx Program is 10% to 15%.

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