Serving Business, Industry, and Government

Serving clients ranging from government agencies, municipalities, and businesses to top 100 cities and Fortune 500 companies, J&K offers significant cost savings through health care benefits management.

Whether your workforce is one hundred or 100,000+, J&K works with:

  •  Medium to large corporations
  •  Municipalities and government agencies
  •  Manufacturing and Industry
  •  Schools and institutions of higher learning
  •  Mining, oil, and gas companies
  •  Hospitals and healthcare facilities

In today's ever-changing health care environment, our experienced consultants are experts at delivering exceptional results - cost savings for employers and improved benefits for employees.

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Working with Health Care Consultants

In addition to working directly with employers, J&K often works hand-in-hand with the employer's existing benefits consultant.

In these cases, our focus is to build a solid relationship with the consultant, one where they know they can depend on the advice and value J&K brings to the equation. After all, they know their client and how best to utilize the value-added strategies J&K has to offer.

Custom Designed Medical Benefits Plans

At J&K, we develop a customized approach that works for your corporation or agency. Our first step is to understand your business processes, including your long-range goals and strategic plans.

Our executives work with CEOs, CFOs, Human Resource Executives, and Health & Welfare Consultants in developing the right approach for your situation.

The end result is this: we will substantially reduce your healthcare costs while maintaining or improving employee benefits through the implementation of J&K unique methods and proprietary techniques.

Let us show you how. Contact J&K today to arrange for a consultation with our senior staff. We're ready to improve both your health care offerings and your bottom line.

Client Testimonials

At J&K, we have a range of referrals and testimonials that are available upon request, via a special login. Contact us for a temporary login and password, then click the button below.