Putting Employers First in Health Benefits Management

At J&K Consultants, we put the employer first by offering an array of programs and services related to cost containment and risk management strategies.

Cost savings, while maintaining robust coverage options for your work force, are the hallmark of the J&K approach. Our goal is to provide concise, accurate, and usable advice that directly contributes to the profitability and success of your business.

Featured Services

Risk management Healthcare Benefits

Risk Management Strategies

In-depth analysis and review of the employer's employee health care plan. Provides the foundation for cost-savings across all of our health care management services.

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Spousal MERP Benefits


Realize significant cost reduction by moving employees from your health care plan to an alternate group health plan. Reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses for the entire family help make this strategy attractive for employee retention and recruiting.

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CRX Drug Program

CRX Drug Program

When your employees electively enroll in the CRX Drug Program, they gain access to Tier 1 brand maintenance medications at costs near 50% of the standard costs for over 350 different maintenance drugs. Employer prescriptions costs are significantly reduced.

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Dialysis MERP Program

Dialysis MERP

This MERP is designed to prevent providers of dialysis services from overcharging for their services. By amending the employer's plan, dialysis patients become eligible Medicare Beneficiaries on a secondary basis within 4 months.

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Our Unique Approach

Today's business environment encourage against using a customized approach to address problems. J&K's philosophy is that employee benefits and business risk should be tied together and managed as a system appropriate to your business plan. Furthermore, this system should complement management's objectives in meeting that plan and not conflict with short or long-range goals. Therefore, when we examine a problem, we examine it within the larger business framework.

Client Testimonials

At J&K, we have a range of referrals and testimonials that are available upon request, via a special login. Contact us for a temporary login and password, then click the button below.

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